Solid Fragrance

Bitch'n Karma Apothecary is proud to introduce our solid fragrance collection. Each scent is carefully chosen & blended to create something special and unique. Formulated to ensure a smooth non greasy application, all you have to do is decide what your fragrance shtick is.

Whether you prefer Smokey, Spicy, Herbaceous, Musky or Fresh we have you covered. Our fragrances are blended with absolute oils and resins, essential oils and fragrance oils in a base of Murumuru butter, Meadowfoam Seed oil, and Natural waxes to ensure your fragrance stays with you as long as possible without leaving an oily mess.

Our fragrance shticks:

SPICED - Ginger, cardamom & pink peppercorn, middle notes of Lime & apple with amber & light patchouli at the base.

SWEET TOBACCO - Amber, vanilla & oakmoss with earthy herbaceous undertones from tobacco Absolute.

STROPPED -  Blend of Leather, bergamot & lemon with notes of oakmoss and musk at the base. 

SMOKED - Mahogany, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cocoa & Labdanum with smoke at the base.

CHILLED - Top notes of peppermint, spearmint, with a fresh blend of lime, crisp apple, and bergamot, with bottom notes of winter lily, coconut and galbanum.

B.O.H. (Blood Orange Hefeweizen) - A simple and crisp blend of hefeweizen beer and blood orange essential oil, fresh & delicious.

Can't decide unless you can smell for yourself ? No problem we have a scent sampler pack so you can smell them all. 

What's Your Shtick?