Keep your favorite fragrance right in your pocket with our Fragrance Shticks! With 6 scents to choose from and a smooth and dry formula you can't go wrong with our solid cologne. Can't decide wich one to try? get a couple because all of our fragrances are designed to be mixed and matched, try layering Spiced with Morning Woods or Stropped with Rock Moss, the combinations are endless!



Fragrance Shtick

  • Our fragrance shticks: 

    ​Spiced - Cardamom, Black & Pink peppercorn, Lime & Orange, Amber & Light patchouli. Where this spice blend by itslef or layer it with any of our other scents to spice things up a bit.

    ​Sweet Tobacco - Amber, Orange, Vanilla & Cocoa, Tobacco Absolute. Rich and smooth, absolutely alluring.

    ​Stropped -  Leather, Bergamot & Lemon with notes of Cedarwood and Musk. An updated version of what Grandpa smelled like.

    ​Smoked Bourbon - Bergamot, Midnight orchid, Musk, Leather, Oak cask, Patchouli, Smooth & Smokey, Like sipping Kentucky Bourbon Fireside.

    ​Morning Wood - Mahogany, Smoked Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cocoa & Labdanum. Woodsy and delicious (at least that's what she said)

    Rock Moss - Crushed Rosemary, Fir Needle, Lavender, Oakmoss & Silver moss, Amber Woods, vetiver. If green had a smell this would be it.